Australia’s Pathetic Attempt

We often highlight some of the world’s newest and most bizarre technologies, but one of the older ones in our society is probably more of a necessity today than when it was invented. In regards to some of our modern marvels there are some life-spans that have been ingrained into our psyche without us probably even realising it. cbd oil

For example after about 10 years it is thought a good time to replace the car as running and repair costs start becoming excessive. After about 3-4 years it is thought a good time to replace a computer as it starts to slow down or not function at all when running the constantly evolving add-ons. In the case of mobile phones it is thought a 2 year lifespan is a good run with the massive changes as to what modern phones look like and can do. Did you know in January 2000 it was not possible to SMS people on a different network to yourself (i.e. a Telstra phone messaging an Optus phone)? It seems absurd now doesn’t it. However not all old types of technology are bad and in the case of one in particular even if we were using the technology of 20 years ago, it should still be heavily expanded and invested in today.

If you are still unsure as to what I am talking about, then think how you would get to work tomorrow if your car broke down or was stolen. Yes I am talking about Public Transport, which these days seems like a dirty word for Governments of all persuasions. Those wonderful trains, trams and to a slightly lesser extent buses that have been around in some cases for well over 100 years.

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