Connecting Asthma With Lifestyle – 4 Factors That Asthmatics Have In Common

If you suffer from asthma much of the cause may be genetic. But consider this. Environment and lifestyle can greatly increase the chances of becoming asthmatic. These factors can also exacerbate the condition if you already have it. Here are 4 factors that most people with asthma have in common, and some ways of thinking outside the box for each.

Body Weight—The increase in obesity of all ages is a major factor in the increase of asthma in all age groups and both sexes. Weight gain for adults significantly increases the chances of developing this condition. And for many, sleep apnea often results as a result of obesity and is often a first step towards adult asthma.

We all hear the daily promotions for exercising and eating right. And both of those will help. But one way to immediately cut down on weight is to decrease portion size. Have your favorites but eat ½ to a 1/3 less than your usual portion. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can shed the pounds.

Age—The young seem more susceptible. Studies show that those who are age 45 and under are most often affected. And within this group, those under 18 show the highest percentage of all.

One of highest contributing factors for asthma in children is their exposure to dust mites. It is actually the protein in the feces that is such a potent trigger. Minimizing the mite population by covering pillows and bedding with allergy covers is an effective start to the solution.

Airing bed linens frequently also keeps these critters under control. Sunlight kills them, and they cannot survive if the temperature is dry and cold. Eliminating this allergen will make those with asthma-both children and adults—more comfortable.

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