Could You Handle Being A Famous Hip Hop Beat Maker?

If you were to become a famous hip hop beat maker could you handle the fame, fortune and lifestyle that comes with it? OK, so you’d be the proud owner of 3 mansions, 10 Italian sports cars and have gorgeous women at your beck and call every minute of the day, but is this lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be?

Just imagine for a second that you are a world famous producer. You would be in demand seven days a week, you’d have people calling you up for interviews, wanting you to promote their clothing line, famous artists wanting you to produce beats for their new album and millions of people just wanting you to be best friend, even people who hated you at school.

Wherever you went you would be mobbed by fans, friends and the paparazzi. Is being driven around in blacked out limo’s the life you could really see yourself living.

And that’s just in the day. What about all the awards ceremonies you would have to attend, movie premieres, the red carpet events and all those late night parties at the end of the evening. Could you really handle this constant stream of fame and being wanted, day in day out.

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