Do’s and Don’ts For Becoming Famous

Everybody wants to be heard, some people want to be known but few people want to be famous. There’s a lot way ahead of those aiming for eternal fame. There’re sacrifices to be made, humiliating actions to take and most of all a lot of work to be done. It’s possible to be known by millions over time, you just have to know these few simple do’s and don’ts for success on the road to eternal fame.

Do spread the word

You can’t become famous if you don’t let other people know about your existence. Advertise yourself on online message-boards, post YouTube videos and do these things often. Internet is the network that can make mediocre guys like you and me famous. In the past it wasn’t that easy. There was this one guy in Roman times around 0BC that made a time machine, he wanted to tell people but didn’t know how, so he came to our time and told me about it and asked me to spread the word on the internet. I’m doing that right now.

Don’t go all hyper over nothing

People who are up there have fans and haters. Don’t go mad over an unhappy comment, it doesn’t matter. You know how many people talk bad about you behind your back? Millions! And that’s just for regular folks, spread over a lifetime of course.

Do work for it

Some people get famous because of pure luck. Like that YouTube guy that made that weird lightsaber video. But it’s not the kind of success you should be after. It’s so satisfying to be known for great work, for your addition to society. Believe me when you’re famous and read about a journalist talking about your work you know: I did good. Or bad depending on the journalist’s words.

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