Famous Company Logo Designs

Why are logos so important? Think of some of the most famous company logo designs of our time. Nike is a good example, but what does that internationally recognized “swoosh” symbol coupled with a graphically enhanced depiction of the company name really do for Nike? A logo is a starting point for any form of communication in which the company engages. All marketing materials incorporate the company’s identity. All advertising incorporates the company image. All promotional materials incorporate the company logo. You see the Nike swoosh on shirts, sweatshirts, hats, key chains, and a host of other promotional stuff that has nothing to do with Nike’s core business: shoes. Nike can now use the “swoosh” symbol without the name and people all over the globe know its Nike. How powerful is that? Assuming your company has a positive image; mere recognition of the symbol is enough to get the job done. If it’s from Nike it’s got to be good — no need to read.

Logos Convey the Image of the Company

Nike is a great example of a company that illustrates how company image and logo relate. Today most people think Nike and they have positive thoughts but in the not too distant past Nike got caught up in a bit of a scandal over the child labor practices in some of their international manufacturing locations. For those who were aware of this issue, the Nike logo now evoked negative images. But as many great companies do in the face of trouble, Nike responded and responded effectively. Today most people see the child labor issue as ancient history and once again the image conveys positive images.

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