Famous Fashion Icons in History

Throughout American history, there have been many famous fashion movements, and each movement has had a face. In other words, there has been a person who has embodied a specific style so much, that they have become associated with it. Here are some famous fashion icons from past decades, and the different looks which they made famous.

Betty Boop. Even though this 1930’s cutie-pie was an animated cartoon character, her effect on the decade’s style was quite real. In her dark, swirling, above-the-knee flapper dresses, thigh-high stockings, simple, high-heeled pumps and short, wavy hair, Betty Boop became known as perhaps the most famous animated sex symbol, and a depression-era style icon.

Edie Sedgwick. In the 1960’s this American actress, model and socialite became known for being one of Avante-Garde artist, Andy Warhol’s beautiful muses. Sedgwick took the fashion world of the sixties by storm with her short, straight hair, thin, straight legs, huge, dangling earrings, super high-heels and furs. Her glamorous looks still make vintage returns in today’s fashion world.

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