Famous NYC Restaurants: International Cuisines Hosted in One Sophisticated City

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. The everyday hustle and bustle of the modern world has made New York a hub of professionals and workaholics, glinted with style and the extravagance of city living. Like other popular cities around the world, New York City boasts of great food and great restaurants. Food is essential to keep up with the day-to-day activities in a very busy city and great food feeds people with big appetites and luxurious cravings. New York City holds some of the best and famous dining restaurants that can surely satisfy one’s hunger and meticulous taste for quality food. Famous NYC restaurants pride tastes coming from different cultures around the globe and world-renowned dishes that has made every country’s cuisine known to the tastes of different nationalities.

Famous NYC restaurants range from the traditional and very familiar tastes of the American culture, up to the extents of the Scandinavian flavors. Eating good food in New York can start at a very low price of $20 up to as much as $300. There are many choices of good restaurants in New York for your adventurous tastes. The most famous restaurants offer American, French and Italian cuisines, as well as great choices of international bestsellers.

One of these is Per Se, which is operated by a chef recognized all over the world, Thomas Keller. The restaurant offers two prix fixe tasting menus, nine course tastings of seasonal vegetables and the chef’s menu. An additional five delicious short servings for lunch is also available. Per Se aims to soothe your huge cravings for great food with a touch of emotional sensitivity.

Another place to go to is 21 Club. 21 Club existed for the last twenty-five years with its classy dining rooms and bars. This bar and restaurant is known to be famous for hosting celebrity meals and other first class meals, which can include great political leaders and dignitaries from different nations. The Bar Room of 21 Club is not just a simple dining area, but a tourist attraction to every stranger getting a glimpse of New York’s beauty and history.

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