How To Get Started In Mystery Shopping

You have completed your research and understand that mystery shopping is a legitimate source of extra income in exchange for completion of an assignment (shop) according to the instructions. In other words, you do a job as an independent contractor and you get paid. Ready to give it a serious try? Do not pay for a list of mystery shopping companies and never pay to do a shop!

First of all, set up a free email account dedicated to your mystery shopping endeavor. I recommend Gmail but there are others. This is a first step in getting organized.

Before you start the application process with the shopping companies, I recommend an investment in a good form filler program. This is a lesson I learned the hard way – I now use RoboForm and it will save you precious time. Create a good strong password and use it for all of your mystery shopping logins. If you KISS (keep it simple, stupid) this project, life will be so much easier!

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