Know Some of the World’s Most Famous Photographers

Artistry is conveyed in a lot of forms. There is art in basically everything – from the skyscrapers up to the flower arrangement in your dinner table. With this, art is basically captured in any media you can think of, like watercolors, flower and especially in pictures.

Photographers do keep a low profile a lot of times. A by-line in their photo is enough to acknowledge their work. Some famous photographers would rather not reveal their own faces for personal reasons. These reasons can be to stay mysterious to their growing audience in particular or they are just too shy, plain and simple. Famous photographers are celebrated because they have made a particular shot of a bizarre or amazing moment that can only happen in a millisecond. People admire how in so little time, they have captured such an astonishing event or happening. The following are famous photographer who have touched the hearts of many worldwide with the most amazing and stunning photos:

Mariana Yampolsky and Graciela Iturbide
The women are well-known for photographing indigenous people in Mexico.

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