The Long-Term Effectiveness of Asthma Home Remedies

Medical studies have reported that cases of severe to mild forms of asthma are on the rise. More than 20 million Americans suffer from this debilitating disease, even though scientific research spends billions every year searching for the ideal prescription medication. While these heavy drugs have helped individuals that need to combat many of the symptomatic effects of asthma, certain healthcare providers have turned to natural homeopathic methods and asthma home remedies as a way to circumvent the ongoing problem.

Treating the Disease With Prescription Medications

Many individuals who suffer from the disease take heavy doses of prescription medications every day. At times when these medicines struggle to work, some asthma sufferers need to use an inhaler just to be able to take a deep breath. In reaction to the medicine’s ineffectiveness, physicians generally tend to up the dosage or try a more harmful drug in an effort to find something that works for their patient. Every heavy medication an individual takes causes some type of mild to severe side effect. Some of the reactions the body has to the medication can be minimal, doing little damage to the liver or kidneys at the cellular level. Other medications have found to cause severe side effects over time, many of which are irreversible.

The Effects of Long-Term Steroid Use

Individuals who have a history of long-term use of their inhaler typically deal with debilitating side effects, including an increased appetite resulting in excessive weight gain, loss of hair, severe acne, blood glucose problems, and stunted growth. Patients that use inhalers over the long arc of their life can develop severe osteoporosis due to the heavy dose of steroids in the medication.

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