When It Comes to Breathing Right, Choose the Right Respiratory Equipment

Our bodies are made of a series of interconnected organs and parts that make up a series of systems that help our bodies run like well tuned machines. One of the most important systems that we rely on to get through life is the respiratory system. The organs that help this system run work together to take oxygen that we breathe in and help it get into the blood and then is utilized by the rest of our body. The importance of oxygen in our bodies is obvious however there are many ways for your respiratory system to be disrupted. Luckily, for those who suffer respiratory related ailments there are many treatment solutions out there, and affordable equipment available that help sufferers stay healthy and comfortable.

The most common and easy to use kinds of respiratory equipment on the market are nebulizers. A nebulizer comes in many different forms from pocket sized personal use nebulizers to jet nebulizers that have to be stored somewhere in a room. Nebulizers take compressed air and mix it with a prescribed medication to allow it to be breathed in as a gas. It is a mixture of gas and liquid that can be easily absorbed as you breathe it in. This allows for the medication to be sent directly into the lungs, offering almost instant relief.

The most common reason to use a nebulizer is to treat chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These conditions are usually treatable with a combination of treatments as well as oxygen therapy, all of which is possible through the use of a nebulizer. Asthma and acute bronchitis are commonly treated with nebulizers but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Just about any respiratory related problem a person typically has can be treated with a nebulizer.

Other respiratory equipment that is often used for respiratory conditions are an MDI, spacers or a compressor. A meter dose inhaler, or MDI, is probably the cheapest and the most convenient type of inhaler that is sold. While it is not used to treat many respiratory conditions it is still the most efficient one out there if you are a candidate, and available for a very affordable price. Spacers come in several varieties with the most popular one being the Aerochamber. Aerochamber’s are used in conjunction with other devices such as an MDI. Spacers maintain the aerosol content, eliminating the need for any real coordination when administering the medication, and controls the amount of aerosol delivered.

Compressors are a step up from an MDI and are only slightly more expensive. Compressors come in many different sizes and typically put out at least 8 to 9 liters a minute and the larger ones can put out much more and actually fill a room. Compressors are primarily used to fill a nebulizer or release the treatment into the air of the room.

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