The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Recipes From an Accidental Country Girl

My first experience with one of Ree Drummond’s recipes came when I was surfing the internet for the ultimate apple dumpling recipe. My husband had stated that he’d never had an apple dumpling that he actually liked (and folks, this is rare. He is the easiest man to please cooking-wise.)

Because of the dearth of an adequate apple dumpling recipe, I made it my mission one day to find a recipe. I happened upon Ree Drummond’s site of The Pioneer Woman and was astounded at the blog I found there. The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous photograph of apple dumplings on a beautiful blue and white dish with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. The photograph alone had my mouth watering.

But it was the way she talked about her mom and the recipes she wanted her mom to bring when she came for a visit that made me keep reading. This is one cookbook author who isn’t afraid to be authentic. One of the first recipes Ree recreated from her mother’s binder of recipes was the apple dumpling recipe. I’m an impatient person, so I just printed off the recipe, got the ingredients and went to work. My family felt they had died and gone to heaven (even if I didn’t serve them on such a beautiful plate as she did). I made eight batches of those dumplings before they finally allowed me to stop.

That’s when I returned to her blog and marveled at the detailed way she shares her recipes. Every step has a beautiful photograph. Her marvelous sense of humor pervades the writing. It took no time for me to be completely hooked, wondering if there was enough ink and paper in the whole world to copy every one of her recipes for my very own. I felt I had stumbled upon the greatest cookbook ever.

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