A Look at British Army Clothing and Its Uses

British army clothing has gone through various changes over the centuries which has culminated in the uniforms that are seen today. In general, the British military has 15 types of uniforms that men and women either in active duty or already retired can wear on different duty details. These range from military operations that would require them to blend in effectively with the terrain or civilian details while waiting for deployment. Certain types of army clothing are even used specifically for parades and other diplomatic relations with their allies. To make it more convenient to the men and women in the Royal army, the uniforms are coded from 1 to 15 according to the purpose of which they are to be worn.

History tells us that the British used red fabrics when having their uniforms made in the 17th century, but because the color was too visible to the enemy even from far away military tacticians decided that more somber colors be used for the army’s uniforms. The red uniform is still in use today though, but only more of a ceremonial dress uniform rather than a standard uniform. Unlike US army uniforms, British uniforms are not issued by the government although soldiers receive a stipend for their uniform needs.

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