British Farming Produce – Successful British Crops

The most successful British crops have helped to sustain and promote the growth of this country for thousands of years. The crops that have been nurtured and helped to prosper in this most changeable of climates are the real success stories of our island. Without them, things would certainly have been very different. The food becomes closely linked and associated with the country. Harvesting techniques may have changed dramatically through the years, but the products made have altered little.

Arguably the most famous and successful of all British and worldwide crops, is wheat. Wheat is a type of grass that has a grain that is ground to make flour. This then can be used to make bread and as a primary ingredient, can make many other foods.

Britain’s largest grown crop by area is its grassland and helps maintain all the cattle and cultivate other crops too. The climate of Britain aids the growth and development of grassland and makes it a nationwide success.

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