British Sign Language- What Exactly is British Sign Language?

BSL, or British Sign Language to give it the full title, is the name of the sign language which is used in England and the United Kingdom. It is the number one choice of communication for the (as yet) unknown number of the population of deaf people in the whole of the United kingdom. As an estimate, it is believed that there are anything between 70,000 to a quarter of a million deaf people in the United Kingdom, but that is just a guess. More realistic figures would suggest that there are nearer to the lower amount than there is to the higher amount.

British Sign Language is a type of spatial sign language as the movement it uses of the hands, face, body and head makes use of the space around the person who is signing. Also forgotten about are the many thousands of people who are not deaf but also use British Sign language every day. These peole could be interpreters, relatives and friends of the deaf who need to communicate with them and any other people who use it as they are in contact and need to communicate with members of the deaf population.

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