The HMS Ark Royal – A British Aircraft Carrier

The Naval arm of the British forces is called The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. Since its creation in 1707, the Royal Navy has been playing significant role in the military forces of Britain. It is regarded as one of the biggest naval unit across the globe employing a total number of 37,500 individuals with 89 ships.

There are numerous gigantic aircraft carriers that The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom uses. These aircraft carriers look like a virtual battlefield in the middle of a vast ocean. The Royal Navy has aircraft carriers such as HMS Audacious (D29), HMS Ark Royal (91), HMS Eagle (94), HMS Hermes (R12), HMS Bulwark (R08), and more. At present, light aircraft carriers that the Royal Navy uses belong to the group called as Invisible-class. Commissioned on the 11th of July, 1980, one of the active vessels that belong to the Invisible-class is the HMS Ark Royal. The term HMS refers to Her Majesty’s Ship.

The last aircraft carrier that was built as part of the Invisible-class, HMS Ark Royal has a R07 pennant number. Constructed by the shipbuilding company Swan Hunter, the HMS Ark Royal was officially launched on June 2, 1981 was commissioned to The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom on November 1, 1985.

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