List of Not-So-Traditional Hobbies Women Take Up Nowadays

Life is an ever growing process for all of us. We all learn a lot from life. However, women seem to be a bit too serious about life. They have come a long way over the years. They have worked quite hard to set up an image for themselves which is different from the stereotypical image of a woman superimposed by the society. If they would have accepted the guidelines drawn for them by others, we would have never come across women who outdid men by their extraordinary performance and determination. It is only because of this never-say-die attitude that they succeed in outperforming their male counterparts. The modern world revolves around women; it has understood their worth. Women today don’t do things to prove themselves anymore but to please their own selves. No wonder we find women with hobbies even men would think twice before taking up.

Body Art

Body art has come up as a style statement in the recent past. Both men and women went crazy after it. However, women seem to have been highly influenced by this trend. It was a woman to make a world record by inking 95% of her body with tattoos. Julia Gnuse is one of those women who left all inhibitions behind and listened to her heart. Her bold act is a strong blow in the face of our male dominated society which tries to keep women behind veils.


A woman’s soft nature has been used quite smartly by the society to stop her from fulfilling her wishes. However, modern women have found a way out to break through such fabrications. No wonder women are taking up boxing as a hobby in large numbers. Such women prove to the world that they are not just a pretty face to be kept indoors. They do not need men to protect their dignity; they are strong enough to look after themselves.


Kayaking is another sport women are showing a keen interest in. They are not afraid of a face-off with the elements of nature, let alone men. Women see kayaking as a challenge because of the specific design of the canoe used for the sport. It is quite difficult to sit in it while carrying out the sport, not to forget the raging waters which make the sport all the more thrilling. In spite of these challenges, women are taking up kayaking with open arms.

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