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A social selling strategy is a way for brands and potential customers to form relationships. It is possible for companies to connect with prospects through social media. If you understand how to get people’s attention, you can use this in both B2C and B2B sales. There are few ways that you can use to boost your social selling. In order to increase your social selling, you must reach to potential customers. In that case, you can take help from Social Wick to build your brand on social media. Here in this write-up, we will be discussing how you can boost your social selling. 

Long gone are the days when we could only purchase through offline channels. With the rise of online retail, businesses and services came social selling. As the internet provides us access to countless products and services from around the world, we have endless choices and the freedom to decide more independently. Insights, expertise and recommendations through content and comments are often appreciated by audiences making social selling ever so relevant in 2017. What better way to add-value to your consumers than social selling?

Boost Your Social Selling

What is social selling?

Social selling is using social networks to communicate and connect with new prospects and maintain current relationships to add-value to your sales goals. The internet today is the primary place to conduct your research on products and services that you are about to purchase. Recommendations and reviews are given online that affect your purchasing decisions. Through online profiles we are able to persuade, convince and encourage prospects to build relationships with us, essentially generating leads and sales.

Social selling allows you to use the trust that you’ve built and maintained in your relationships to persuade others into your sales goals. ¨Unlike social marketing, social selling is aimed at cultivating one-on-one relationships vs. broadcasting to many.¨

¨Social selling is all about that personal touch. You should take pride in talking and connecting with others to build strong relationships based on honesty and trust. The outcome of social selling is shared-value.¨

Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

How can beBee help in social selling?

beBee was created specifically for people to connect through their personal and professional interests. This communication and connection through interests allows for greater potentials of benefits of social selling. beBee can help by being the pillar of your social selling. The most important points of social selling are that you build your connections and content. beBee’s publishing platform allows you to create, showcase and share your relevant content with other like-minded people through short and long posts, pictures, videos, links and live video.

Through posting your content and making connections on beBee you can:

Build relationships and connections with your customers based on interests, which is a huge benefit. Find new prospects and maintain existing relationships. By sharing common interests and learning more about each other through beBee you can strengthen your relationships which enable loyalty and referrals.

Be personal with your customers. Customized messages and a human touch allow long-term relationships over generic ones.

Reach increased visibility providing you with more contacts. Visibility also makes you more trustworthy to potential customers.

Reach your target audience, therefore your best prospects in your industry. Through beBee’s hives you can find your target audience. beBee’s hives facilitate you in finding your potential customers.

Become an industry expert and advisor, through posting in your hives through relevant content. By having knowledge and guiding others you can help them through the buying process.

Maintain presence and interest through your online profile. Keep prospects interested and engaged.

Join and participate in industry related topics through hives. Buyers make decisions based on social media discussions.

Here’s some proof of social selling benefits:

Research shows that 70% of the buyer’s journey and up to 90% of the buyer’s decision is made before they are ready to talk to you. ¨

62.9% of sales professionals report that Social Selling has become highly important for closing new deals¨¨

98% of sales reps with more than 5000 LinkedIn connections meet or surpass quota¨

On average decision makers consume 5 pieces of content before being ready to speak to a sales rep.¨

Not only does research prove that most prospects can be reached through social networks, but that content produced on social networks will actually persuade consumers to purchase one way or the other. Social networks have great influence and impact on how society perceives products, services and people.

“Sellers who’ve embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels… It’s about good selling – using all the tools that are available to you today.”

Jill Konrath, Author of The Rise of Social Selling, Selling To Big Companies and SNAP Selling

Social selling has has infinite benefits, thus providing relevant content, engaging regularly and frequent updates will strengthen the possibilities to reach sales goals and beyond.

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Today’s decision makers are turned off by traditional sales pitches. Instead, nurture your prospects by answering questions, responding to comments and sharing content on social media throughout the buying process.

To ensure successful social selling, what should I do on beBee?

Follow these easy steps on beBee for successful social selling..

You should create a complete beBee profile (picture, background, content)

Through a complete profile, your prospects can see your transparency and trust in you. Prospects can see your knowledge and expertise and confide and trust in what you are saying.

Post relevant and current content daily

By posting relevant content you can add-value to your connections. Others are interested in current content Your target will be wanting and interested in reading your content as they will be interested in subjects of that industry.

Connect with new prospects on beBee through hives that share the same professional or personal interests

Connecting with new prospects through interests strengthens relationships and can form positive long-term business and personal relationships.

Engage with those you follow and those that are following you

Engaging with others is important in building good relationships. Through engagement you can build strong relationships by having your prospects and customers know you better. This also creates loyalty, repeat customers and referrals.

Comment and share others buzzes (content)

By commenting and sharing others buzzes you are creating a positive social environment. To receive you must give. In order to have your prospects and customers loyal to you, you must also engage in the conversations and the posts of others. Communication goes two ways.

Use Producer

Using beBee’s producer will allow you to write long and short posts that will attract others through your content. Content is a very important tool in social selling. Through content you can offer the opportunity to make additions to add value to the sales process. Content is so powerful that it can build relationships, help in communication and be the driving force of decisions.

You need to dedicate time to social selling if you want to succeed

Unfortunately ¨today’s decision makers are turned off by traditional sales pitches.¨ Times have changed and so has the selling process. The internet has changed our buying process with access to information and reviews. Therefore to adjust to the habits of consumers, sellers must also change their process and dedicate time to social selling.

The art of successful social selling comes from building a good profile, reputation and engagement with others. Relevant content is a requirement throughout this process and learning how to establish and maintain your relationships is key.

    “Social media channels offer the opportunity to build relationships with a limitless amount of possibilities globally. The best part is that most of these channels are free to join or create accounts. Jonathan Catley,, Author of Time to Turn Your Sales Team Social?

Social buying is today’s reality and companies and professionals need to realize that social selling can help achieve sales targets. beBee was created with your social buying habits in mind, your new prospects are waiting to see relevant content related to your professional and personal interests that will boost your social selling. Adapting to the buying habits, research methods and selling techniques of today will help your sales and marketing. Customer engagement through content is current and relevant in reaching success. beBee helps businesses and professionals in connecting with others and communicating to increase their impact and to achieve sales objectives.

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