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Coaching centers have become integral components of the students of our country. Given the pandemic, it can be rightly said that several online educational institutes have monopolized the system in India. For instance, one of the largest online educational companies has “bought” another renowned thirty-three-year-old institute for seven and a half thousand crores. This enormous price is perhaps even more significant than the total net worth of several reputable e-commerce firms. It has given rise to the complete transformation of the education culture in India. Does the private coaching industry focus more on profit-making or imparting the necessary education?

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”- Rabindranath Tagore

Education is a vast sector requiring efficient and advanced techniques of teaching. However, we must not compromise with academic sessions at any point in time. As students, we resort to coaching centers to clarify our doubts and receive personal guidance. This process ensures flexible schedules with extra care and even one-to-one interactions. There have been revolutionary private teachers whose inspiration has worked miracles for several students. 

The Crisis of Proper Coaching

Statistically, kids in our country start taking tuition classes from the tender age of four. As they progress further in their academics, they become habituated to tuitions. It is where the coaching industry starts expanding. Studies show how one in five students resort to private coaching to supplement the education he receives at school. Even after taking lessons in school for various subjects, students opt for expensive tuition for around three hours or even more. It is overwhelming to witness high schoolers depending on private tuition. NSO reports that the fees involved in private coaching constitute nearly twenty percent of their entire cost of education. 

The Monopolization of the Education Sector

The issue of private tuition centers dominating the educational sector stems from the unavailability of efficient teachers in schools. Since they are not well-paid in schools, prospective teachers find a better scope in coaching centers than teaching in schools. However, it is not a guaranteed fact that centers will provide you with super-quality teaching instructors. Though many courses are available, it is challenging for a non-specialist to afford the expenses of those courses. Similarly, many often fail to be the best option for schoolgoers. Therefore, there is no point in opting for a course that does not prove to be an economical option. 

Eleven years have passed since our country proudly announced the right to free education for the children of India. Unfortunately, the education system continues to be in shambles mainly due to the motive of minting money. However, there have been significant exceptions to this. Have you heard of Anand Kumar? As portrayed in ‘Super 30’, he is the fantastic living example of an individual who teaches underprivileged students and helps them crack IIT JEE. Anand Kumar does not implement any marketing or advertising strategy but such an educational technique that enables one and all to acquire a name and achieve fame in the world. 

Every second of every day, the world around us changes. As a result, one must adapt to new possibilities to take advantage of limitless chances. Taking full advantage of technology does not imply inactivity. On the contrary, it means we can simultaneously work and enjoy leisure time. Taking an online course is similar to making an online purchase. Teaching and learning strategies have also advanced at a rapid pace. Are you wondering about the best platforms for selling online courses? Several prestigious colleges and educational institutions now offer professional courses. You can study these online courses from the comfort of your own home. 

Also, you can choose the best platform to sell courses online according to your preference. As you must have concluded, the solution lies in choosing a definitive guide that helps to spread knowledge innovatively. It will contribute towards serving the purpose of all the concerned individuals. So, make a wise decision!

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