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The Portable Document Format is among the most trusted formats for documents that is used by a lot of people due to the variety of unique features you can choose to use. If you handle important documents and want to secure them and preserved in the future You will have change your files from PDF to PDFa.

This article will help you understand the process of converting your PDF file into PDFa with one of the most efficient online converter SODAPDF tools that a lot of people users use. We will also go over the various features you will encounter when converting your pdf editor to their platform.

Why should you convert from pdf to PDFa?

Documents that are formatted in PDFa are secure, safer and compatible with different operating systems. The contents and information contained within your document will be included inside the file which makes it more durable to be passed on to following generations. This is usually used for research and could last for a long time.

All that being said, it’s essential to convert your the PDF format to PDFA to enhance your document. You can convert PDF documents to PDFa using the online tool for conversion that allows you to change from one format to another format. Be cautious in choosing the right online converter tool because a majority of them do not meet their promises.

About GoGoPDF

The most popular online converters which you can make use of includes GoGOPDF. GoGOPDF website. The entire platform was designed for the majority of those who are first the process of converting their documents. The tools online that you can use from their platform are simple to use and offer an easy process to convert your documents with out any additional steps.

GoGoPDF is among the most popular platforms for changing documents. But, very few people are aware that they have additional online tools to aid in improving your documents. These tools are visible on their homepages for you to explore their entire online tools, and select the one you want to complete your document.

You’ll be amazed by the possibilities you have to do with your document making use of their tools online. For a small amount of an idea of the online tools they offer Here are some examples such as Join PDF, Split PDF and PDF Reader. edit PDF, rotate PDF Remove PDF Pages, Share Documents, add a number Page, Lock PDF, add Watermark, eSgin PDF, Secure PDF, and many additional online software.

As you’ve noticed that the majority of online tools are designed in the direction of helping PDF files become a more effective format. The most plausible explanation is that PDF files are typically the most popular format for document use by a large number of individuals. Thus, developing online tools compatible to work with PDF files is essential.

How to Convert PDF to PDFa

There are lots of options on how to convert PDF documents to PDFa. In this case, because we’re employing GoGoPDF to convert PDF files into pdf, you only have to do is look over a few items. These include an internet connection that is stable as well as a preferred device and the PDF file. When you have all of these items, you’re now ready for your journey to convert.

The first thing to do is to visit the official website of GoGoPDF. When you arrive at their website you will find online tools appropriate for your needs. Locate the online tool you need to use and then click on it and you’ll be taken to a brand new page. The new website you’ll be able to see the steps-by-step directions that you need to follow.

Here’s an illustration of how to convert PDF files to PDFa using GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF website.

Upload the PDF file on your device to GoGoPDF’s system. GoGoPDF.

You’ll notice that GoGoPDF will begin scan the file you uploaded.

The conversion process will take place of your PDF file to be completed.

Save the PDFa document to your computer.


There are numerous ways to improve the quality of your documents. An excellent example is GoGoPDF, a platform GoGoPDF which puts in a substantial quantity of work to give you the most effective web-based tools for making the process of creating documents more simple. Make sure you maximize any platform that could help you be more productive than you were before, such as GoGoPDF’s website. GoGoPDF.

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