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As they say, the most difficult thing is to make them stay – in the promotion of social networks, this is also quite true and requires a lot of effort and resources. In this article, we will look at 3 main methods by which you can get people to stay with you for a long time and support you no matter what – to make it easier, we will talk specifically about Instagram as a network in which businesses, brands and individual bloggers most often develop their profiles.

Let’s say you’ve already taken the chance to buy followers on Instagram, gone through several visits of targeted advertising and even collaborated with bloggers. You have accumulated several hundred or even thousands of subscribers, but after some time they began to rapidly unsubscribe from you. Why can this happen and what to do about it? Firstly, you should understand that there is no way to avoid this phenomenon – many people spontaneously and in huge packs subscribe to new accounts, and then do not understand why they did it at all. If no more than 50 subscribers left you after the advertisement, it means that this phenomenon has just caught up with you. There’s nothing to worry about.

But if you see that everyone is unsubscribing and unsubscribing from you, most likely you are doing something wrong. For example, you could get out of the routine of regular posting or completely forget about stories – if people forget when they last saw an account in their feed, they will almost certainly remove it from the list of subscriptions. From here we get advice number one:

1. Always be in your subscribers’ sight. Do not hesitate to be annoying – most likely, this is so only in your understanding. Experts recommend bloggers to do at least 10 stories a day – and how many do you usually do? They don’t have to be meaningful, but they should be evenly distributed throughout the day. So that every time a person logs into Instagram, they see you in their stories and remember who you are and what you do. Then the attachment and habit of watching your stories will be formed quickly and firmly, and light interest will also be maintained.

2. Even if you don’t buy real Instagram followers anymore, you should make sure that the growth of subs continues. Without this, you can quickly lose your reputation in the eyes of your existing audience – by the way, you should note every increase in stories, thank newly arrived subscribers and arrange meet and greet days and various surveys for them. Get into the habit of regularly talking about yourself as if you are doing it for the first time (say, once every few months) and always add some new details to this story. This way you will create the impression that a large number of new people constantly come to you and you are always happy to meet them.

3. Always be there for your audience. This is a golden rule that you just cannot ignore – as long as people see that you’re constantly answering their questions in comments and in dm’s, as long as they see that you really care for their opinions and that you count on them when it comes to making a choice for the profile’s future growth, they will be there for you as well and will not want to leave. The bond between the content creator and their audience is being formed by dint of common human communication; there is no secret and special recipe here, everything is clear and simple. Be friendly and open to people, and they will pay with the same coin.

And: loyalty is also well enhanced by material benefits – for example, if you sell a product or service, you can provide your subscribers with a secret word or a discount promo code that will be valid for them all the time. This is a wonderful way to show that you love your audience and do not regret anything for them. Even if the discount is not big, only subscribers know about it – and it will be very valuable for them.

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