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The fake blood is usually hidden in a plastic thumb . The “heart” was probably hidden beneath his shirt , since it appeared to be too large to conceal in the ol’ fake thumb. At least if one is going to watch any Blaine stuff, admit that the curioisty is in trying to figure out how he fools us, and not that its real….. It was a latex chest, I think at least that’s what we all thought it was.

Take the right hand and its supposed coin and place it against your leg, in the area of the left pocket. Now rub the imaginary coin into your leg. Then slowly part your right fingers to show that the coin has vanished. Reach into your left pocket and pull out the change. Ask the person what kind of coin they chose. Then go through the change and find the marked coin and put it on top and show the spectators.

As you practice more you’ll get better at it, and it will look cleaner. You want to slowly lower your foot rather than just stomping it down to keep the illusion up. Slowly lowering it will make you like you’re controlling your descent instead of just shifting your weight back.

A spectator is asked to unravel the wool . Place a quarter in the palm of your hand, then quickly close your hands and ask the spectator which hand contains the quarter. You secretly wrap a rubber band around your finger and thumb. With your other hand place the coin in the hanky. Then let the rubber band slide off your fingers and onto the hanky so it surrounds the coin and it is under the hanky. Then you slide your hand up to the end of the hanky and give it a good shake.

Then he had him take the top 5 cards off the deck, look at the cards, pick a card and memorize the card. He then asked the kid to put his hand on David’s chest. David lifted up his shirt and there was an imprint of the card on David’s right pectoral that the kid picked… unaligated Fantastic article on Blaine and his magic, stunts, and endurance feats. Pushing the envelope of endurance with special abilities, performing live in the street adds to the mystery and to the attraction. I have to admit, I would buy a ticket to see one of his shows.