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We live in a time when every field including the field of education is undergoing some tectonic changes. Much of it has to do with the rapidly evolving technological tools which make teaching and learning simpler and more effective than ever before. Today, schools and colleges have shifted towards digital teaching and management tools such as LMS (LMS full form: Learning Management System), eLearning portals, ERP (ERP full form: Enterprise Resource Planning), smart classes and likewise, in order to make their teaching and management functions more efficient and effective. 

The introduction of new technological teaching tools in our education system has also brought about a change in the learning environment in the classroom. Today, students are encouraged to participate in a range of extracurricular activities apart from their academics. However, one key aspect of student development which is still relatively neglected is their physical fitness and wellness. It becomes even more important to pay attention towards students’ physical development when the children today have a habit of eating fast food and avoid playing and exercising outside like a plague. Therefore, educators and parents should put special focus on the physical education of the students. Here are a few ways in which students’ physical education affects their motivation and well-being, and why you as an educator or a parent should encourage the children to pay equal attention towards P.E. as compared to other subjects. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Physical Fitness and Wellness-

Physical fitness is vital for healthy and joyful living. This is the reason that the best schools across the world put special attention towards the physical education of their students. When students study and participate in fitness activities and exercises as part of their daily schedule, it not only makes them physically fit, but also leads them towards improving other aspects of their life and leading a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise helps the students in developing their cardiovascular health, strength and endurance. Therefore, P.E. helps in improving the level of physical fitness and wellness in the students. 

Stress Management-

Students have to face heavy academic competition and the pressure to perform is immense. Additionally, with ever evolving teaching and evaluation criteria, students simply have a lot on their plates all the time. Most schools put special focus on teaching core subjects which is appreciable. However, it is important to note that the students have tremendous pressure to perform in these subjects. In such a scenario, neglecting P.E. can add to the student stress which is bad for their physical as well as mental health and motivation. Research shows that regular physical activity helps in reducing physical and mental stress on the body by regulating levels of key hormones like cortisol, HGH, oxytocin and likewise. Thus, physical education helps the students in managing their stress levels as well as making them mentally resilient and emotionally stable. 

Improved Focus and Engagement-

Participating in physical activities helps in elevating students’ mood and makes them feel happier. It also makes them more focused and improves the level of motivation in them. As a result, students are able to focus better and be interested and engaged while learning their core subjects. Physical Education also helps the students in breaking free from a monotonous routine which improves their concentration. It also helps in reducing boredom in the students which depletes student engagement and interest. Therefore, P.E. helps the students in improving their academic performance by making them more engaged and interested in whatever they learn and making them more focused.

Inculcates Ethical Traits-

Physical Education not only helps the students improve physically, but it also helps them in learning and exercising ethical values. It teaches students the value of sportsmanship in life, the importance of persistence and perseverance, and most importantly the advantages of having an effective work ethic in life. Students also learn to push through pain and the importance of having self-discipline in their lives. Therefore, P.E. helps not only in the physical development of students, but it helps in developing the students into well rounded individuals with a sound body and mind which is equally important for thriving in the modern, competitive world as is their expertise over their core subjects. 

Therefore, it is evident that Physical Education is vital for students’ physical and mental well-being. Schools and colleges should definitely encourage the students to put more focus on P.E. for their all round development into a successful individual. 

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