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The Staff Selection Commission holds the SSC exams to find qualified candidates for different positions. The SSC examination offers numerous opportunities. This exam requires a recognized board for basic knowledge up to the 10th grade. Therefore, if someone is taking the SSC Exam, they will have a bright future.

SSC hires for a variety of offices, divisions, and ministries. Additionally, there are other SC exam types. This is so because different departments each have different requirements that they must meet. While specific departments need physical fitness, others do not. SSC GD and SSC MTS 2022 fall under that category of examinations.

SSC GD Eligibility Criteria

The SSC GD exam requires applicants to have completed the 10th grade to apply. Physical Efficiency Test (PET), Computer Based Examination, The Physical Standard Test, and Detailed Medical Examination will make up the SSC GD recruiting process.

SSC MTS Eligibility Criteria

SSC MTS is one of the national tests and offers a respectable chance to be hired for a variety of Non-Technical employees, Non-Gazetted, Group-C, and Non-Ministerial roles.

Coming to the eligibility criteria, the candidate must have passed the matriculation or an equivalent exam from a recognized board. 

Preparation strategy for SSC MTS and SSC GD

  • Clarify concepts before preparing the topics, and then move on to the questions.
  • Regular reading English-language newspapers can help students do well on English language and general knowledge exams. Your reading comprehension and vocabulary will increase as you stay current on current events.
  • Analyze your errors after taking one practice test per day. Correct your errors and perfect your vital areas with continuous practice.
  • Put a timetable to your studies: A candidate unquestionably needs an excellent schedule to pass any exam. A person can maintain their coolness and avoid the situation growing more complicated by having everything organized. Avoiding “Last-minute Preparation” is preferable for the candidate. For competitive exams, this is ineffective. The need for planning is essential. A lot of hard work needs to be put in.
  • Know the syllabus of the SSC GD and SSC MTS exam
  • Become familiar with last year’s test: Know the marking scheme and weightage for different sections.
  • Take practice exams: You can learn the complete exam format by taking mock examinations, which are exact tests. It also increases your self-assurance when answering inquiries. Your accuracy, speed, and time-management abilities all get better.
  • Examine every topic of the test.
  • Recognize the relative importance of each section and concentrate on it. Do not cling to the option that carries the least weight.
  • Sleep for 8 hours: Without enough sleep, your brain will likely not retain whatever you learn. A sound sleep allows your brain to function correctly.

Nothing comes easy. Hard work plays a core role in achieving our desired goal. Adapting the never giving up attitude is of utmost necessity for an aspirant. It’s okay if things don’t work out in an instant. Keep working until you reach your peak. Have a hope that things take time, and everything will fall into its pace. When MS Dhoni can become the best batsman from being a ticket collector, and Narendra Modi can become a Prime Minister from a  “Chai-Wala”. You can also reach your aim with all the dedication required. Pay attention to what you do more than what people think of you. The people who ain’t appreciating you right now will be the first to clap for you when you achieve it.

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All the Best, Aspirants!

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