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I am not sure where I’ve found my new marketing tool of choice. I’m sure I’ve used it in one form or another in my life for a long time, but I can never remember where I’ve used it. I guess my recent usage of the term, “r & r marketing”, is what has sparked the urge to share it.

I am constantly being told that the best way to build a customer base is to build a customer base. If you don’t have a customer database, you can’t possibly build a customer base. Every business has to build their customer database, but it’s much harder to build a customer database than it is for a product.

r as in relationship. Marketing and relations have to go hand in hand, because it is the relationship between two people that determines the value of an offer, and thus the value of a sale. The same is true for the buying of a product. The customer database is the relationship database and the selling database. It is the relationship between the buyer and seller that determines the value of the product. When the two parties are in a relationship, they can exchange information that is needed to complete the sale.

It is very important to know who you are giving the information to, because they have to know what they are doing and what their goals are. This gives you the ability to control the information given to them in order to make the relationship work. It is also very important to know the goals of the parties involved, because they may make different assumptions about the relationship and its goals than you do. This is where all of the problems start.

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