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Successful internet marketers say money is in the list. But how true is that really? You may want to ask if you are new to this whole idea of email marketing. Well, email marketing has been around for quite some time now, and building a list is the most important component of email marketing strategies today. Without a list, you won’t be able to capture leads and convert them to customers, and hopefully repeat customers. That simply means a list is something to swear by, because there’s more opportunity to it than you could ever imagine. Your list will help you bond with potential customers and win their trust in the end. That makes economic sense, isn’t it?

Well, there are a few things you need to know before setting up that list which will act as a magnet to attract visitors, and that’s in relation to squeeze pages.

The following are 5 very powerful list building techniques that will make your website irresistible to people who dare visit it:

1 The power of creating a sense of scarcity and urgency

This is the most important thing when it comes to building a squeeze page. Creating a sense of urgency will make people rush towards subscribing to your offers. Let the reader know that your offer is not available always, and so they should subscribe before the amazing bonuses expire. Be brief, and always provide them with a reason to sign up.

2 Make it easy for them to sign up

The squeeze page template should feature the subscription box in a prominent area. If the subscription box is not visible enough, visitors won’t bother finding it. At this point, they’ll leave. The rule of the thumb is that you must not let customers leave your website without offering them a chance to sign up.

3 Experiment

It is always advisable that you experiment with different squeeze pages to see which one works better. For instance, you could change the font color from time to time, and also vary the headlines to find out what works and what doesn’t. You could even use a different background while taking note of the figures relating to your opt-ins. Once you identify that which brings the best results, stick to it.

4 Take advantage of bullet points

Bullet points enable you to convey so much using as few words as possible. After all, your squeeze page doesn’t need too much information. You want to communicate with as few words as possible, and that is what builds a perfect squeeze page.



PM Narendra Modi to visit Tamil Nadu today, other netas to follow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Tamil Nadu on Thursday and inaugurate several infrastructure projects.

This will be Modi’s second visit to Tamil Nadu this month. Besides the Prime Minister, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lined up a number of senior leaders to visit the state in the next two weeks. Home minister Amit Shah will visit the state from February 28 for two days and then again on March 7. The BJP’s national president JP Nadda will visit the state on March 9-10.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Puducherry on February 25

Puducherry: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pay a one-day visit to poll-bound Puducherry on February 25, the BJP’s Puducherry unit said on Friday. Modi will address a public meeting at AFT mill Thildal here during his visit, the party’s Puducherry president V Saminathan, MLA, said, adding, other programmes were not finalised.

This would be the Prime Minister’s second visit to the Union Territory since February 2018 when he participated in the golden jubilee celebrations of Auroville.

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Rahul attacks Modi govt over rising fuel prices

Hitting out at the Modi government over rising fuel prices, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused it of emptying the pockets of the common man and filling the pockets of its friends for free.

The Congress has accused the Centre of looting people by imposing high taxes on petrol and diesel and has demanded its rollback to provide relief to the common man from the onslaught of rising prices.

“When you see the fast moving meter while filling fuel in your car at the petrol pump, do remember that the crude oil rates have not risen but fallen,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.

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U.S. senators weigh paring back Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid plan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. senators on Wednesday were eyeing potentially significant cuts to President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill as they awaited a ruling on whether the measure can include raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The Senate parliamentarian was expected to decide soon whether Senator Bernie Sanders’ proposed minimum wage increase is allowable under a rule allowing a simple majority of the 100-member Senate to approve the sweeping relief measure, instead of the chamber’s typical 60-vote majority.

The House of Representatives on Friday could pass the bill that would help tackle the heavy human and economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 500,000 Americans and thrown millions out of work.

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PM Modi: ‘Govt ushered historic increase in MSP, doing everything possible to double farmers’ income’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said his government has ushered a “historic increase” in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops and is doing everything possible to double the income of farmers.

In a series of tweets commemorating the completion of two years of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi or PM-Kisan scheme, the Prime Minister said, “On this day, two years ago the PM-Kisan scheme was launched with an aim to ensure a life of dignity as well as prosperity for our hardworking farmers, who work day and night to keep our nation fed. The tenacity and passion of our farmers is inspiring.”

“Our government had the honour of ushering a historic increase in MSP. We are doing everything possible to double the income of farmers,” he added.

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Beware Of Political DANGERS!

Those, who proceed, denying, rather than paying keen attention, to the options and alternatives, with, their eyes – wide – open, often, aren’t, either, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to take the best steps, and path, forward, to make a significant difference, for the better! Our public officials, must, consider options and alternatives, with an open – mind, in order to prepare for, and beware of, potential DANGERS, and ramifications, in a relevant, and sustainable way. Simply. using populist rhetoric, etc, simply, doesn’t get the most desirable results, but, is simply, a form of, burying – one’s head, in his hands! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why.

1. Delve deeply; discover; dreams; dire: To some degree, these past four years, have demonstrated, the dire ramifications, of empty, populist rhetoric, when we needed someone, prepared to take responsible steps (even, if unpopular), in terms of pandemic policy, the reality of Climate Change, the need to protect our environment, and protecting all the rights, of all our citizens (not just his core supporters)! Public leaders must, consistently, delve deeply, and surround themselves, with experts, etc, in order to discover, the best path, to follow! If, we wish to avoid, dire, undesired ramifications, we must focus on transforming our dreams, to strategies, and a well – considered, action plan!

2. Attitude; attention; actions; articulate: Instead of making excuses, and/ or, resorting to blaming and complaining (instead of assuming personal responsibility, etc), we need officials, with a true, positive, can – do, attitude, willing to pay keen attention, and take the necessary actions, to change things, for the better! Public leaders words matter, and we need those, who articulate a message, which brings us, together, for the greater good!

3. Needs: What good does it do, if irrelevant issues, are addressed, rather than focusing on real/ true needs, goals, and priorities/ perceptions?

4. Greater good; generate goodwill: The greater good, should be the emphasis, of every administration, and it is essential, to focus on, generating goodwill, which unifies us, in a well – considered, focused way!

5. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; endurance: Shouldn’t actions be based on, effectively, listening and learning, and proceeding with the utmost degree of genuine empathy? This must direct one’s emphasis, and, good – enough, must not be considered, acceptable, but, rather, a real leader, consistently, demands his greatest degree of personal excellence! Since, there are, usually, obstacles, one needs to perceive these, as challenges, to overcome, and have the endurance, to proceed, forward, despite these!

6. Relevant; responsive; reliable; realistic: While a positive, can – do, attitude, is an important asset, this must be, based on realistic circumstances, etc, instead of proceeding forward, with rose – colored, glasses! True leadership is relevant, and responsive, considered reliable, and qualified, by the citizens, one serves and represents!

7. Service; stronger; solutions; sustainable; system: Reliable service must mean, making others, stronger, and more unified, for the greater good! Instead of empty promises, and rhetoric, there is a need for relevant, rational, sustainable solutions, which become, key ingredients/ components, of one’s proposed system, and plans!

Wake up, America, and make well – considered, decisions, regarding your choices, in the voting booth! Will you become a more – responsible American?



Medical Terminology – First Step on a New Career Path

In these days of economic uncertainty, career change is a hot button issue. As baby boomers retire and leave the work force, employers are concerned about the shortage of skilled workers. In addition, corporate cost cutting, off-shoring, layoffs, and forced career changes leave many workers with difficult choices. Gone are the days of one job and one employer for life. Following a career path today can mean maneuvering many twists and turns, setbacks, side roads, and blind alleys. Where is the roadmap to a new career that provides enrichment, stability and growth potential?

One of the best ways to ease some of the uncertainty and increase your marketability quotient is to broaden your skill set. Since continuing education is often required to maintain licenses and certifications, make those education hours do double duty. The right training can mean more opportunities in your current field, and serve as a stepping stone to a new career. But which industries offer the best chance for job stability and advancement?

It is predicted that expanding healthcare and healthcare-related industries will require many additional skilled workers in the coming decade. According to Forbes Magazine, “As well-heeled baby boomers age, look to the health care industry… (B)etween 2004 and 2014, seven of the 10 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. will be in health care.” In addition to careers directly involved in patient care, demand for support professionals such as medical records and health information technicians, therapists, counselors, and medical transcriptionists will increase.

A basic requirement for entry into almost any healthcare-related career is a command of medical terminology. The ability to recognize, understand, spell, and pronounce basic medical terms, identify medical abbreviations, and decipher unfamiliar words using roots, suffixes and prefixes is a necessary tool to perform well in any medical setting. Medical terminology courses are widely available in online, home study and instructor-led formats. Because medical technology advances rapidly, medical terminology evolves to keep pace. To stay on top of new terminology, consider taking the course again if you’ve taken it in the past.


Reasons Why Your Medical Career Crashes

Once you become a doctor, it marks a turning point at which most doctors start slipping backwards. There’s a reason!
Your burning passion and rugged determination for your medical career goals is not enough to overcome the barriers to your planned and expected maximum success in medical practice. It’s a reality that you shouldn’t have to face, and that you don’t deserve.

There are reasons why and what you can do about it. It’s one of the most distressing, yet understandable, factors leading to career failure. The meaning of failure as used here is the complete inability of over 95% of doctors to reach their maximum potential as a doctor.

It also includes your inability to create and maintain a medical practice that will ever reach the profitability potential it has the capacity to foster. In clearer terms, unless you are prepared to do what needs to be done to reach those highest levels of accomplishments, you will fail to a significant degree.

The inability refers to the absence of training and education that are required to rise above the others. As a result you are effectively programmed to fail by the institution that qualified you to be a doctor.

Consider a few factors that lead you to this unholy position:
You have not been provided with the essential tools to run your medical practice business efficiently and profitably. It means you have no business or marketing training or education.

A challenge to your intellect and common sense:
Is it possible in our present economic environment to create a successful, constantly growing, medical practice business when the doctor owner has no real knowledge about how to do that effectively without expert help?

A “no” answer indicates you are quite comfortable about extracting from your medical career just enough abundance and satisfaction to make do. In other words, you are a hostage to your circumstances.


Simplify Your Payroll With Pay Stubs

Most small business owners are often tempted to simply write paychecks for their employees every pay cycle and be done with it. However, more savvy employees are demanding some form of pay slip or stub in order to keep track of their earnings. While at the same time, business efficacy demands that employers have some documentation evidencing tax and other statutory deductions. Fortunately, there are templates which can be used to easily generate pay stubs.

There is no rigid structure for what details should be included in pay stubs; but they generally include two classes of information, in-house details, and statutory compliance details.

The first class relates to details such as employee names and employment numbers, social security details, hours worked by the particular employee, and overtime if any. A rate charged in both instances should also be included. This section ends by working out the gross earnings relating to that particular pay cycle.

The second class mainly relates to both pre-tax and post-tax deductions made from the gross pay and includes; federal, state and local authority taxes, Medicare deductions, Insurance premium payments, Educational saving schemes and social security payments. This section culminates in the employee’s net pay after all deductions have been made.

Finding the right template can determine how convenient using it shall be. One can conduct an old fashioned library research noting key specifications which can help in developing a personalized template. But a library search may not yield satisfactory results, and lacks some clear advantages an internet search offers.

An internet search will reveal several internet sites which have pay stub templates designed for various business types; these have been further divided into state specific templates. This means that all relevant fields are included; one needs only fill in employee details. Some template software have full functionality with common accounting software. This makes integration into existing accounting systems much easier.