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Do you have digital marketing experience? Do you want to write guest posts about digital marketing for a blog?

We are looking for writers with digital marketing experience who can write high-quality content. If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Article submission FAQs

What is write for us?

Answer: What we offer is a range of digital marketing services through a single point of contact.

There are three main ways to work with us – you can hire us to write articles about your company, sponsor articles on our blog, or for more involved campaigns with long-term goals in mind, you can work with us as part of our freelance writing team.

We specialize in all things related to SEO and quality digital content that will appeal to the right audiences. Our rates depend on what type of service you need so please get in touch for more relevant information.

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually get paid to write content online. Sites like Digital Marketing are an excellent place to start. They pay you 50 cents per 100 word complete article published by them, which is a great amount if you’re just getting started with an online career.

Alternatives include PeoplePerHour, Elance,, Textbroker, and WriterAccess – but it’s also worth doing some research before committing yourself to any site or company so that you know what the reviews are like there first!

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer: The reason why we pay writers for guest posts is that it’s a win for both parties.

By paying, we can get top-notch, exclusive content from experienced writers on a variety of subjects. Plus, reputable authors will often link back to their site at the beginning and end of the article, which means exposure and traffic for them as well.

For loyal graphic designers or photographers with some time on their hands who don’t want to work off-hours, this opportunity could be your ticket to making an extra income on something you’re already familiar with doing!

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: Please send your pitch to our submissions email. You can find all of the details in our “smartest” guide below.

Many people think that the answer to this question is a given, but it’s not enough information given what many digital marketers tend to be looking for these days. The following “smarter” article outlines how to make sure you’re pitching yourself effectively and appropriately for certain positions in digital marketing today.

The goal of this process, therefore, is to ensure that from top to bottom, your submission meets as many qualifying criteria as possible before submitting it off. In regards to both quality and quantity, having too little will prohibit opportunity far more often than just being a naysayer – do whatever you have to.

Whom do we allow to publish?

Answer: We prefer submissions from experienced digital marketers to write about topics relating to social media, web design, Google SEO tools, press releases, and Facebook advertising.

We are looking for professional writers to produce clean quality text on various topics related to the market of online marketing. The minimum requirement is that it should be fresh-written content with minimum plagiarism and grammar errors.

This can be related to anything from market strategies and practical advice in business development to building a SaaS business model using Excel products etc.

Writers must have experience in their chosen field and should focus on developing knowledge around different aspects of online marketing right from understanding the basics of SEO tools up to social media marketing techniques or services like Google’s Adwords or Facebook’s Ads Manager – every single process involved.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Answer: Guest posting is a viable tool to attract customers. In 2013, it was reported that nearly 70% of marketers had experimented with guest posts in order to get more leads and potential customers. A third of them were successful in generating traffic from guest posts alone.

Modern-day consumers are visiting social media sites often and view changes on the web every few minutes. Employing content marketing not only helps create a website’s visibility but also helps draw more people through traffic from long-tail searches, while boosting online interactions- some simply won’t make a move without verifying an article’s origins or credibility already established elsewhere on the internet for them to take notice.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: The people most qualified to write articles on your website are those who can speak directly about the product or service you offer. They might be experts in your field, they may be customers of what you offer, or they may have experience related to the topic and be able to speak from this background.

Writers must also express their opinion and not simply quote studies and facts relevant to their article’s content: opinions drive readership while quoting other sources only provides supporting evidence for an author’s argument.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Answer: We publish original articles that educate and empower our readers to take control of their marketing efforts.

Our content includes in-depth how-to guides, actionable tips, and inspirational stories from entrepreneurs who have been there. We pride ourselves on writing fresh content each day so start with following this blog today!

You can also find posts about trade topics such as SEO management or blogging topics such as creating a blog page or choosing a unique domain name for your website. We are experts in writing content for informative articles about the most important aspects of digital marketing including email campaigns, social media campaigns, a variety of social networking platforms, and internet advertising methods. So stop searching for expert information which is hard to find online – we have it all here in one place! 

Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: We publish articles for digital marketers, which typically include individuals who are running online marketing campaigns for companies.

We accept guest posts and sponsored posts on certain topics, especially website design and maintenance like WordPress or Blogspot. We also publish a guest post, sponsored post which often answers readers’ questions about resume writing – look in the archive tab to find posts that may be useful to you.

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What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Answer: As a digital marketing writer, you might want to think about all the  guidelines and points when writing blog posts for us:

Content should be around 700-1000 words in length. You have to have a level of expertise in the topic discussed so that your content is intriguing and informative.

If there are any URLs with related information, add them to your writing for reference purposes. Links shouldn’t be used excessively or overly spammy but can help readers who may need more information on a specific subject matter.

Formatting utilizes HTML tags such as p and pre. These formatting techniques can help your post display nicely on a website without looking messy or difficult to read. Be sure to include images from stock photos or Creative Commons if possible.

Thank you!